Circle of Sound

Intuitive singing and music making, curious as a child

In our meeting I offer an ambiance that invites you, like a child in a candy store, full of curiosity to taste everything. Explore and play all the instruments and discover the use of your voice because you too are a singing music maker!
We travel together along the instruments and I give explanations where necessary. With tuned vocal exercises we make our voices sound.
After a short ‘relaxation’ you will discover that music originates from your heart. The music is in the air, as it were; you only have to tune in. The skillful playing of instruments or the art of singing is not central. It is the language of sound that matters. To experience that is a relief and a moment of wonder.

You may discover that making music from your feelings arises in attunement with each other. By listening intensely to the other, your answer comes naturally.

It is a gift to yourself, after being inspired in the workshop, to continue your day in happiness.

I look forward to seeing you.

Warm greetings,
Jacqueline Wijnen


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If you would like to do this workshop with a group yourself, please contact me by pressing the sign up button below.

Time: 19.30 tot 20.30 uur
Contribution: € 15,00 incl gebruik instrumenten en opname om thuis lekker na te genieten!

Reviews about 'Circle of Sound'

  • “Participating in ‘Circle of Sounds’ is a joy! Like being in a spiritual music garden with playmates. Discovering unknown instruments while improvising and experiencing a surprising interplay of sounds. So much fun! Having fun together, letting loose or finding yourself. It’s all part of it. New instruments and new opportunities to create with every round. That makes it nimble and playful. So rich to experience gems of sound moments together and to enjoy each other’s enjoyment. Jacqueline is so incredibly generous to let us use her multitude of finely crafted instruments, and she totally lives the musical diversity and playfulness. This is infectious. My lifelong desire to be able to make music together and experience the connecting flow in it came true. And that while I used to get no further than the recorder. I am already looking forward to the next Circle of Sounds!”

    Ingrid Isphording
  • “‘Circle of Sounds’ was a beautiful experience. Jacqueline has beautiful instruments and takes you on an adventure. For me it was still searching, discovering unfamiliar instruments and playing together. It was special to later hear back the recording how everyone’s spontaneous input together had come to harmony very surprising.”

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