General terms and conditions

Article 1: After fully completing and signing the application form, you agree to the following provisions and instructions.

Article 2: Membership is strictly personal and non-transferable.

The participant registers for a fixed lesson, lessons, training, workshop, consultation.

Article 3: Payment is made in advance. After payment, the participant will receive an email as proof of registration and payment.

If the participant does not make use of the right to participate in the lessons, the contribution will not be refunded. Missed lessons can only be made up within the membership term in consultation at times other than those for which you have registered. For separate workshops, if canceled before 14 days of the start of the workshop, the full amount will be refunded. After that, no refund will be made, but you can join the workshop on another date in consultation.

Jacqueline Wijnen reserves the right to refuse a new participant without giving any reason.

In the event of late or incomplete payment, the participant is in default without a reminder or notice of default being required and Jacqueline Wijnen is entitled to suspend its contractual obligations or to refuse the participant access to the property. Jacqueline Wijnen is then also entitled to dissolve the agreement.

If the participant fails to make timely or full payment three times in the first membership period for which the agreement has been concluded, the remaining amounts will be immediately due and payable at once.

Article 4: Participating in the lessons is entirely at your own risk.

In case of doubt about his/her health, the participant is advised to consult a doctor.

Jacqueline Wijnen does not accept any liability for material or immaterial damage as a result of any accident or injury to the participant.

Jacqueline Wijnen is not liable for loss, misappropriation, theft or damage, both direct and indirect, of or to property of the participant.

Damage caused by the participant, whether or not intentionally or through improper use, to property of Jacqueline Wijnen must be compensated.

Article 5: In case of pregnancy or illness, the membership can be suspended for a certain period of time in consultation between the participant and Jacqueline Wijnen.

Article 6: Jacqueline Wijnen reserves the right to change the division of lesson times in terms of place, time, program, etc.

Article 7: Jacqueline Wijnen reserves the right to terminate a membership in the event of proven unacceptable behavior without refund of any payment and without the payment obligation for the current term being canceled.

Article 8: The same conditions as mentioned for individual participants apply to one-off workshops or continuous training courses at companies. On the understanding that these can reasonably be translated into courses and workshops in the business world. Like a membership can be translated into agreement.

Article 9: When booking multi-day workshops, 50% is paid upon registration. The remaining 50% no later than 14 days before commencement.

If you cancel up to 14 days before the start, 10% of the principal amount will be charged. In case of cancellation after 14 days before the start, the entire 50% will not be refunded.

The training activities mentioned on the website are an indication of what the participant can expect. The final interpretation may differ from this.

Dutch law applies to this agreement between the participant and Jacqueline Wijnen.

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