"The real voyage of discovery consists
not in seeking new landscapes,
but in having new eyes."

~ Marcel Proust



Holistic comes from the Greek word “holos,” which means “complete.” Holistic massage is a full body massage that involves a subtle energy exchange. The massage focuses not only on muscle relaxation, but also mental relaxation and emotional release. I work intuitively with Eastern and Western massage techniques and I conclude the massage with a healing.

Rates massage/healing

Duration: 60 minuten
Amount: € 40,00

Duration: 30 minuten
Amount: € 25,00


I work by appointment only. You can make appointments by phone: +31 6 180 187 23

If for any reason you can’t make the appointment, you need to give me 24 hours notice. After that I am obliged to charge for the consultation. In case of illness a new appointment should be scheduled within a week, otherwise I am forced to charge for the consultation.


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Reviews about 'holistic massage'

“Being massaged by Jacqueline means being touched with love on a deep level for me. Her loving and respectful touches bring me into a meditation that allows me to let her massage come to me on a deeper level. This not only makes my skin feel touched but as if my whole being is being touched. For me it is a journey of discovery to my uniqueness without using words but only by feeling. Not distracted by thoughts that come to me daily, I experience my body and my soul as one. The peace and love I feel afterwards is very great. A massage by Jacqueline is a very beautiful and very great gift!”

a client
Divider Prachtig Krachtig | Jacqueline Wijnen | Den Bosch ~ Prachtig Krachtig