"Sound will be the
medicine of the future"

~ Edgar Cayce

Sound Healing

Allow your deepest being to be touched, set in motion and when everything flows there is well-being.

We live in a musical Universe, everything is vibration. Every star or planet sings its own pulse/tone and we too are connected to our life tone, the heartbeat. A sound detunes due to tension/stress; instruments possess the power to help us get “in tune” again.Each instrument has a different frequency that gently balances the body. In the concerts I tune into the group. I play the instruments intuitively and I sing and speak light language. We travel the world together, one moment on a vast steppe, the next in a jungle. This is how I take you on a sound adventure.Mattresses, pillows and blankets are available in my atmospheric space.Are you longing for this adventure of sound experience? Then check events for dates of our upcoming concerts and sign up via the contact form. For an individual sound healing you can make an appointment by phone (+31 6 180 187 23) or email.

Rates Sound Healing/concert

Individual sound healing,
60 minutes of enjoyment for € 45.

Sound Healing Concerts  1,5 hours € 20,00.

Sound Healing concerts on location
Concerts on location at companies or for special occasions are also possible, please contact me for more information. By phone (+31 6 180 187 23) or email.

Do you long for such a journey?

Date: april 19th
Time: 19:00 tot 20:30
Location: Ananda Room Fundão
Payment: € 20,- p.p. per concert

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Reviews about 'Sound Healing'

“I have experienced sound concerts before, but yours went a lot deeper with me. It did release physical tension, but that was good to have. Was also kind of glad you didn’t freak out at that.

By making a light physical contact and by using the singing bowls, you played right into that for me, allowing me to further release the tensions. Your sounds caused physical relaxation, but the same thing happened to me mentally. The same kind of massage occurred there too, allowing me to reach deeper layers of relaxation, making it all come together for me and making it all good and beautiful. Thanks again.”

Divider Prachtig Krachtig | Jacqueline Wijnen | Den Bosch ~ Prachtig Krachtig